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HI. You've stumbled across the website of a slightly elitist but nonetheless very friendly gaming group who, on occasion, still call themselves 'The Coven', a tag that has been handed down since the group's earliest inception sometime in the late 70's.

So, are we pagans, wiccans or satanists? Well, actually no, not as a general rule, so calling ourselves 'The Coven' might seem a bit misleading; but renaming the group now would seem contrived and awkward. We like it the way it is, thanks. Besides, according to Wikipedia, Coven or covan was originally a late medieval Scots word (c1500) meaning "a gathering of any kind" - in which sense, it does indeed apply to us.

Where are we based? Well, though we have members scattered here and there, we're primarily located on the Isle of Thanet, a historical "front doorstep" to various invaders of Britain down the centuries.

What sort of games do we play? Well, we've turned our hand to many things over the years. Tabletop Roleplaying Games have been the most constant feature throughout the group's history and remain a firm favourite. If you are wondering what on earth a roleplaying game is then click on this link to find out. If you are under the impression that a roleplaying game is something you play on a computer, and you can't understand why anyone would still want to play it on a table using dice and rulebooks and paper and pen in this day and age, then click here and see if I can persuade you otherwise!.

But we don't just play Tabletop RPGs. Wargames - yup, we've been there. Boardgames - check. We've also spawned some live-action offshoots - the Milites De Bec is an early medieval re-enactment group who, having been created by us, has taken on an unstoppable life of its own and is now an engine of flesh and metal that destroys everything in its path, apart from when it takes the occasional break to indulge in a spot of weaving. The Eboracum City Guard are a Live-Action Roleplay group who also boast the Coven pedigree. Inevitably some of us have also been seduced by the shinyness of online gaming and have created or participated in various MMO guilds.

What sort of people are we? Well, I would describe us as friendly and open-minded, with a low tolerance for stupidity, juxtaposed against a great love of silliness. Currently ages range from 'mature adult' to 'getting on a bit but still got most of my own teeth'. We've seen players come and go over the years. We're all either in professional occupations or else studying. Some of us are married with kids or in long-term relationships, while others are footloose and fancy-free. We don't exclusively devote our time to gaming, we have other hobbies as well. We are all fantastically good-looking and some of us have won Nobel prizes. Well, OK, I'm getting a bit creative with the truth now.

Are we taking on new members? Well, occasionally we do, though we're quite selective. It depends on what you want to get into! We sometimes take on new players for RPG nights on a 'dead man's shoes' basis, and the Milites De Bec is always looking for new blood, and there are the MMO guilds who might let you join if they think you're going to be a useful team player.

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