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The Lurking Gherkin

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Please allow me to introduce myself….

Well, after a couple of months knocking on the door, Dave has very kindly let me join the RPG Bloggers network so that I can come and pollute the infostream here with my random burblings.  I’ve been reading people’s output here for a while and think it’s a great community which I’m glad now to be a part of.

My postings will be infrequent but often quite lengthy (check out my earlier entries).

So, who is the Lurking Gherkin?



I’ve started this blog because, from time to time, I have the urge to sound off about various issues related to gaming. I already have a Livejournal Blog which I use for general ‘life’ stuff. The gaming posts I made there always felt a bit out-of-place, though, as I would tend to go into a lot of depth on gaming issues that I know most readers of that blog would not necessarily appreciate.

I also wanted a place on the Coven Gaming site where I could have a voice as the site’s author. So, here it is.

Expect ranting. Expect ridiculously over-analytical discussions about things that don’t really matter very much. Expect grognardistic mutterings about how rubbish everything is nowadays. Expect frequent complaints about stupid, over-sized weapons and stupid, oversized shoulderpads.

Welcome to my world. Or at least, a small patch of it.

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