An experienced historical re-enactor (or ‘Living History’ as it is more fashionably known these days), I attended a LARP event to get a taste of something a little more latex-oriented. Here are my thoughts on how LARP and Living History compare. (NB this is another article I originally published on Gamegrene, in November 2006. I’m reposting these to give my new blog a bit of content before alerting the rest of the world to its presence.)

Earlier this year I spent a weekend as a member of the Eboracum City Guard, a unit affiliated to the Jhereg faction in the fantasy world of ‘Curious Pastimes’. This was my first such event, although I did do a bit of LARP (Live Action Roleplay) monstering about 15 years ago when I was living in Reading.

I am also a somewhat experienced historical battle re-enactor having spent ten years as an active member of Regia Angolorum. And as readers of this forum are no doubt aware, I am a fairly avid practitioner of pen’n'paper RPG.