Well, it’s been a longer sabbatical from blogging here than I expected.  Goodness, what a lot of spam I had to deal with on my return….amazing the stuff people try and sell you, and the pretexts they use for selling it, eh?  I am very sorry to anyone who may have posted a genuine comment but after twenty minutes of scanning through comments in moderation for genuine ones and making very little progress through the stack I decided that the only thing to do was junk the lot.

What have I been up to?  Finishing my Masters’ degree has loomed large, had some exams to get through and a project and dissertation to complete.  Modelling magnetohydrodynamic interfacial waves in aluminium reduction cells, if you must know.  Anyway, all that’s out of the way at last.

Though my blog has fallen silent, I’ve still been keeping up the tabletop gaming goodness.  When I stop doing that it will be time to switch off the life support.  Gherkin’s Greyhawk has been rumbling on like an unstoppable juggernaut.  I’ll post some updates on the latest goings-on over the next few weeks.

Here’s hoping that everyone has enjoyed a fruitful gaming life in my absence.